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Americana Tax Planning with proactive services, be confident and feel at ease that you are NOT paying more than your obligation. Filing taxes is an obligation Americans face as income earners. In order to make the best decisions concerning filing your taxes, it helps to be informed and knows that you have the support you need. Let us work with our extensive knowledge of the Tax System and don’t get caught off guard or be unprepared.

If you have a business, strategic planning is key to thrive. Yesterday’s decisions have a long-lasting impact on your business growth today. We specialize in preparing and strategic tax planning, however, our main goal is to familiarize our clients on the basic obligation of paying taxes. We teach our clients how to monitor their income and make the right decisions at crucial times to increase the growth of their business and income for their families.

What We Offer

Partnership Tax Return Preparation

We prepare partnership tax returns and help owners understand their filing responsibilities. We will help owners save thousands by implementing tax strategies throughout the year. 

Tax Consultation

Book your consultation now to see how we can help you. At your consultation we will learn about your situation and explain our services and how we can be of assistance to you.

Small Business(Sch C) Tax Return Preparation

We help sole proprietors get organized and compliant. We will help you understand your filing responsibilities and help you plan for the future.

Speaking and Workshop Engagements 

We are available to speak at your next event about the importance of tax planning and bookkeeping. We speak at many events to business owners and entrepreneurs.

Customized Business Tax Planning

Let our team dig deep and tailor a tax plan that fits your business and goals. We look at your business goals, family goals, anticipated growth rate and how aggressive you are in business planning and use that to find what works for you. Our tax plans saves clients an average of $10,000-15,000 the first year, a savings of over $50,000 over the course of 5 years.

Corporate Tax Return Preparation

We prepare corporate tax returns and help owners understand their filing responsibilities. We also help owners save thousands by implementing tax strategies throughout the year.

Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping services help business owners understand their finances so they can make better business decisions. We will meet with you regularly to teach you how to read and understand your financial statements. Clean and accurate books make your tax season a breeze.

Personal Tax Return Preparation

We take an educational approach with our clients by taking using our time with you to explain your return. We teach you how to leverage your credits, deductions, and withholdings so you will have more of your income when you need it. US average refund was $2,910 in 2019, that is $242 of monthly tax overpayment.

Educational Tax Planning For You

What We Do

Help clients conquer their fear of the IRS! Though education and tax planning. Provide services that assist our clients, make better and informed decisions concerning their business finances and taxes. We do this through a number of services we provide. Such as:

  • Education through, workshops, and mid year tax reviews.
  • Specialized custom tax planning for your business.
  • Facilitation of Incorporation for high yeilding businesses.
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What People Are Saying

“Awesome company. Did my taxes quick”

Dave Sal

“ ”

Normann Heise

“If your looking for a superb and professional tax preparer Americana Tax Planning is the answer. We couldn’t be happier with Rose Drieslein who prepared our taxes this past year and just recently performed a mid-year tax review. We love that they always provide a high level of customer service. You will not be disappointed.”

Ronnie G.

“As a small business owner and new to tax education I couldn’t have had a better experience. Rose explains the entire steps of how to organize your tax vision, what different types of corporations are and how to set yourself up for success. Rose always makes herself accessible for questions on taxes and is always happy to create a safe space for people who don’t understand the tax process. Rose is an asset to my growing business and has created great value to my journey in business. Thank you for all your help.”

Manny R.

“Rose is AMAZING!!! I love her expertise and the time she takes to really understand your business and why you do what you do. She specializes in small businesses and being a local business herself she knows the struggles we face day to day. She has helped me incorporate my business for liability as well as tax purposes and she’s help me qualify for $20,000 in tax credits granted by California for new businesses!!!! I can’t explain how much that will help me grow and move forward in my business. I wouldn’t have even known that California with dispensing such grants without her. I’ve recommended her to clients, friends and family because I know that she will guide them and truly take care of their tax needs.”

Stephanie C.

“Rose is the best!”

The HVAC Guys

“This was our first year using Americana and we are so pleased! I can honestly say I have never had a more pleasant tax experience. Rose is knowledgeable and very responsive. She is professional but relatable and fun (which tax time could use a bit more of) She helped us with our extension and were in and out within minutes. When we went back to file our return and she applied the cost of the extension towards our fees for filing. I would highly recommend her and love that she is local and a female small business owner. Thanks, Rose, see you in a couple months!”

Emily V.

“This was my first year filing my taxes without the help of a parent. To make things even scarier, it is also my first year working freelance, so I had to learn to navigate taxes from a totally different point of view. Rose offered a tax planning workshop specifically catered to freelancers and their needs. I attended this workshop and was able to ask any and all questions I had. Rose really helped me to understand how to properly run my business and account for things tax wise. She is also so helpful to me every step of the way if I ever have any questions. I am able to email her at any time and she will respond to me with answers in a timely manner. I am so happy I found Rose and Americana Tax Planning. She is always professional and extremely helpful. You won’t be disappointed!”
Brittany T.